Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat: Kaidan (Day 4)

If you missed the announcement of our (Jessica from Just A Booklover and Me) special Valentine Book Boy Chat and don't know what the hell this is, please click here!

Monday - Dean (Dracian Legacy)
Tuesday - Daniel (Touched)
Wednesday - Trevor (Touching The Surface)
Thursday - Kaidan (Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril)
Friday - Dante (The Collector)

First, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! I hope all your boyfriends and husbands and whatever are being all romantic and sweet and all that sappy stuff. Lol, I only have my dad giving me Valentine's Day presents haha! He's been giving my mum presents throughout the whole week. That's what they do after being together since they were both 16. Awwwwww.... 
*clears throat* Anyway, I am so super duper excited to have Kaidan Rowe (Sweet series by Wendy Higgins) here with me today this Valentine's Day! He's one of my all time favourite characters ever and right there at the top with Daemon and Dante for my Book Boyfriends. He's in a band, guys! And he's so hot and smexy and just ahh! Okay, I'll stop now before I'll go on forever about how much I love Kai! ;P

Thank you to Wendy and model Wade Poezyn for permission to use these pics!
Oh and you're welcome.

courtesy of model Wade Poezyn
I love how Wendy even included a special Valentine's Day quote for this special! :) ^^

Jana: Hey, Kai! Welcome to my blog! Just so you know, I can't wait to read more about you and Anna in SWEET PERIL! :)
Anyway, so first question: Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? Why or why not?
~ From a working standpoint V-day is prime pickings - girls are feeling vulnerable and romantic, but from a personal standpoint it's a bit of a bore.

What would you give your girl on Valentine's Day?
~Whatever she wanted, of course. *winks*

Can I be your girl? Have you celebrated Valentine's Day before? And how was it?
~I've never had a girlfriend, so I've never celebrated in the traditional way that "couples" do. But the single girls are usually scouting for love, or something that can substitute as love for a night. 
What's your favourite feature on a girl?
~To be quite honest, I literally love it all. I find things sexy that most blokes don't notice, like the tight line of an achilles tendon, the soft spot behind a knee, and the small cleft between the nose and lip. But the arse holds a torch above it all.
Good answer, LOL!What would you and your girl do on V-Day?
~ Oh, I dunno... ;)

Oh, I think I do know..;) Book question: If you had to pick another girl from another YA series to date (don't worry Anna won't be jealous ;P), who would it be and why?
~Rose from Vampire Academy. There's something hot about a girl who could possibly kick your arse.

I've got a girl crush on Rose, too! And finally, why do you think Anna is really attracted to you? Besides the obvious, that is. ;)
~I've been wondering this myself. I've no clue what she thinks she sees besides a dead sexy git. ha.
Thanks Kaidan and hope you stop by soon again! :)
And because I'm so kind, here's some other photos of Kai (Wade Poezyn)
courtesy of model Wade Poezyn. Also thank you to author Wendy Higgins!
Hellooooo sexy!
Thank you to author Wendy Higgins and Kaidan Rowe for taking part in this Valentine Book Boy Chat! Don't forget, SWEET PERIL comes out April 2013! Oh Jesus I can't wait!
Don't forget to go to Jessica's blog JUST A BOOKLOVER for a different Kai interview! :)
Tomorrow, we will have Dante from The Collector!