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Saturday, 10 November 2012

(2) The Collector and Dante Walker Updates!

Dante Is Mine.
my current Dante button. But not for long *evil laugh*
1. Victoria Scott is giving away these super duper cute hawt Dante Walker buttons on her blog right now! Ends in 2 days. There will be 3 winners and each will get 5 buttons each. Can I just have them? lol :) Go enter HERE.
Victoria Scott
my favourite is the DANTE, MAKE ME BAD. Which is yours?

2. Dante answered your November question. And lemme tell you, it's the BEST one so far!!
If you can't be bothered to go here: www.dantewalker.com to go and read it, being the super awesome VMafia person that I am, I have it for you here:

November Question:
If you were trapped on an island all by yourself and you could only bring one thing, what would it be and why? – Sanara
My Response:
I’m not trapped, angel. I’m exactly where I want to be—with you. You’re my thing, Sanara. You’ll always be my thing. What guy wouldn’t want that situation? The evening breeze rolling in off the ocean, warm sand beneath us, and my arms holding you against me. Do you mind the moon illuminating the dragon tattoo on my back, or the way I whisper softly in your ear as you fall asleep curled against me? Because I can’t help who I am, or what I want. But I’ll tell you one thing, Sanara, if I had to choose, I choose you. The question is: would you be afraid being all alone with a demon? Would you shiver with delicious fright each time I step closer on this island of yours? Or deep down, in some animalistic way—is that the exact answer you were looking for? – Dante

3. The lovely creator of Dante (aka Victoria Scott) created this FAN ART page for all Dante fans! Check out the other lovely ones HERE.
And both of mine are on there! Yay! :)

4. May I remind you to add THE COLLECTOR on Goodreads if you haven't yet? So far the current total is 3,031. :)  Even if you're not a VMafia family member you can still help. 

***NEW MISSION: Increase adds on Goodreads for THE COLLECTOR between now and December 31, 2012. Incentives are as follows:
4,000 adds by December 31, 2012 = exclusive excerpt provided to all Family members to read, post on their sites, etc. 
4,500 adds by December 31, 2012 = exclusive trailer (approved by Dante himself) provided to all Family members to watch, post on their sites, etc.

5. Victoria Scott is at READERS AND 'RITAS. It's the first time she'll be on a panel with other writers! So wanna be there 'cause I wanna meet her and Rachel Harris so bad!! 
And if you're attending YallFest, you can get signed THE COLLECTOR bookmarks from her! Yay! Find out more HERE!

6Here's my second trailer for the THE COLLECTOR this time with blurbs from other authors. 


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