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Friday, 3 February 2012

I DO Judge a Book By their Cover (4)

   ' I DO judge a book by their cover' is a weekly meme started by me! 
Every Friday, I would be featuring one upcoming book (2012//2013) and write my opinion on its cover. Aside from blabbing about how much I love/loathe a cover, it's  good for me since apart from wanting to be a lot of things when I'm older, one of my dream is to become a graphic designer. So, yeah.

 COVER THOUGHTS ::: So happy that Jack is on the cover! Maybe that means he gets lots of page time??? Can't hurt, I LOVE him so much and after the amazing-ness of BLOOD RED ROAD (Dustlands #1), RELEB HEART is bound to be as breathtaking as its first. I have to admit, there's something not quite right with the model, I dunno, maybe it's the shoulders or the upper body, too skinny? Meh. 

But oh well. I love the colour theme for this one- all yellow and dark together, and the background (yay!) so glad to see the desert. Which can only mean one thing. MORE ADVENTURES for Saba and Jack. *Sigh* I miss them already and I only read Blood Red Road earlier this month.

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