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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Blogging Break and other updates!

Hi Guys!

So, I'll be taking a blogging break. I don't want to make this a long blog post but I just wanted to say that I probably won't be blogging regularly now until June. So that's like what, 3 months? Depending on whether my exams will be finished by then and all that. I planned this blogging break for ages now, at the beginning of this year. I'm just too stressed and have so much stuff to do for school/sixth form.

But I just want to clear up a few things:

- I've signed up for a few blog tours and I STILL intend to take part and post. So for those blog tours that I've accepted, I'm still going to do them.

Here's the list of the blog tours that I'll be taking part in the following weeks/months. (If you think I signed up for a blog tour that's not listed here, feel free to email me.)
Tempted by Trouble - March 22nd
Picture Perfect - March 25th
Broken At Love - April 17th
Against The Wall - April 30th

- There's also some reviews that I've already written but are scheduled to go live the following months. Here's the list:

Dare You To - sometime in April
Prophecy Girl - sometime in April
Second Chance Boyfriend - early April

- Apart from the blog tours and reviews that I need to post, I won't be doing my normal reviews and memes. However, I'm still planning on doing the Wrap Up posts and Books of the Months! I just enjoy doing them too much. :P

- I'm still going to be active both on Twitter and on Goodreads. Just can't stay away from them! So if you need to contact me, you can still contact me on my email, twitter or goodreads. :)

Hmmm. Okay, I think that's all I need to say. Oh, but thank you guys for reading my blog and thank you for all my followers. Hopefully, I can go back to regularly blogging in mid-June because I just miss it too much. :D



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