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Friday, 9 March 2012

Blog Tour: xoxoxo - Bethany Lopez (review)

Title: xoxoxo (Stories about Melissa)
Author: Bethany Lopez
Release Date: February 7th 2012
Pages: ?
Source: e-book received for review
Melissa has learned a lot since her freshman year began, but it isn’t over yet! Her world is about to change again with the birth of her new sibling, and she has to figure out how she will adjust to being the eldest of five kids. She, Jess, and Jimmy are inseparable, and she is having a fantastic time although she can’t help but miss Brian as she tries to learn how to deal with his relationship with Layla. Everything seems to be happening at once and that is when she is introduced to Ben Campbell, a senior at Dearborn High, who becomes an interesting distraction as he helps her deal with the new developments in her life.
I really liked xoxoxo and the first book Ta Ta For Now! 
xoxoxo was a very fast and short read, yet very enjoyable and engaging. The characters, especially Melissa, is very relatable! Since she's a teenager, I can relate so much to her and her friends!  

The two books (xoxoxo and Ta Ta For Now!) are stories about family, love and friends. There are some very surprising important underlying messages in this books, and I loved that! All the relationships, whether it's boyfriend/girlfriend, family or just platonic, all rung true and real.

Since this was short, I only read this in one sitting, and even then I didn't want to finish it! Overall, this was a very good contemporary read!
(Thank you to Bethany and YABound for letting me take part in this blog tour and for sending me the e-books of both xoxoxo and Ta Ta For Now!)


  1. Thanks, Jana! Lovely review =)

  2. Thank you Bethany and Trisha! Thanks for letting me take part in the blog tour! :)


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