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Friday, 2 November 2012

Review: Down For The Count - Christine Bell

Down for the Count (Dare Me, #1)Title: Down For The Count (Dare Me #1)
Author: Christine Bell
Release Date: October 1st 2012
Publisher:  Brazen - Entangled
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 128
Type: e-book 
Source: For review

Truth or dare…

When Lacey Garrity finds her groom in flagrante delicto in the reception hall closet with her bridesmaid, she's saved by her best friend’s older brother—childhood tormentor, crush, and boxing bad boy Galen Thomas. Galen’s solution is both exciting and dangerous. What better way to forget the mess of her life than go on her honeymoon with a hot guy who can’t promise anything beyond today?

…or TKO?

Galen had been counting on Lacey's wedding to put her out of reach—and out of his mind—once and for all, but their steamy Puerto Rican escape is testing all his boundaries. Now that Lacey’s embracing her inner bad girl, Galen is tempted to throw in the towel and claim her for himself. But with the biggest fight of his career on the line and an important business merger threatening to derail Lacey’s resolve, their romance might be down for the count before it even begins.

I am loving all the Entangled Brazen titles lately. I don't know what's exactly about them that I like, but whenever I feel really down or just annoyed, you can expect a Brazen title to cure that. If you're looking for a sexy short read, I think you should check out all the Brazen titles.

The plot was very interesting and I can't help but feel sorry for our main character, Lacey. I mean, imagine you're just married, then finding out your just husband was banging your bestfriend - on the same day, I must add. To be honest, she handled it much better than I thought, if I was her, I would have chop his balls off and rip out her hair. Yeah, I'm like that. Anyway...

The two main characters were very likeable and real. They have AMAZING and HOT chemistry together, oh my gosh the sex scenes was just WOW. It was incredibly well written and descriptive (though not overly so!). But this book isn't just that. It's got the right amount of drama, sex and humour.

The plot may seem simple, but it's actually more than that. It's got depth, emotions and it's just overall awesomesauce. Galen is extremely hot, but also smart, kind and charming. PERFECT. Also, I really liked Lacey. She's the kind of girl you'd either relate to, or want to be your bestfriends with. I love this girl. 
Her mum doesn't deserve a sentence in this review, let alone a paragraph, but I really can't stop ranting about her. I HATED her so frigging much! She's just those really vain and selfish mothers and lemme tell you, if I've got a mother like her, I would have punched myself in the face. Grrr.

The ending was very very satistfying and I can't wait for the next Dare Me book! :D

And I have to mention the cover. It's one of my favourites. Why? Because it's got purple. PURPLE. My favourite colour in the whole wide world. And that is just a very HAWT cover, don't ya think? 


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