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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Review: Riptide - Lindsay Scheibe

RiptideTitle: Riptide
Author: Lindsay Scheibe
Release Date:  May 8th, 2013
Publisher:  Flux
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 288
Source: For review

Grace has one summer to prove she’s good enough

For Grace Parker, surfing is all about the ride and the moment. Everything else disappears. She can forget that her best friend, Ford Watson, has a crush on her that she can’t reciprocate. She can forget how badly she wants to get a surf scholarship to UC San Diego. She can forget the pressure of her parents’ impossibly high expectations.

When Ford enters Grace into a surf competition—the only way she can impress the UCSD surfing scouts—she has one summer to train and prepare. Will she gain everything she’s ever wanted or lose the only things that ever mattered?

I was really quite disappointed with this book and it pains me to give it only a two-star rating. The book summary and the cover just made me very excited for this and I'm afraid it didn't deliver.  

I was quite surprised to find out that this was both Grace AND Ford's POV. From the book summary, I thought it would be all Grace, but obviously it wasn't. The dual POV didn't really work that well because I found their voices quite similar, and numerous times I had to look back and check which person was actually narrating. And that's a big no no for dual povs. The only good thing about it was that we both knew what the other was doing, apart from spending time together surfing.

The characters were kinda stereotypical, especially the parents. You have Grace's parents who are strict, and over-protective and blah blah blah. And then the opposite with Ford's mum who's ever so caring and easygoing. It was just one of the things that I've read a lot about before so I was really tired of it.

You guys know how much I love and need my romance, right? Well, the romance in this book was very underwhelming and it look at least half of the book before anything happens. I kinda wanted to bang their heads together and scream 'Just kiss!' Jesus. There was a whole lot of obstacles that they needed to face, I get that, but it was just boring to me. I need my kissing scenes, people.

I've never read a YA book (or any book, for that matter) that had any surfing in it so I was so looking forward. I don't know a THING about surfing, unforetunately living in rainy always England I actually never had a chance to surf. Well, this book kinda turned me off surfing. Eek.

All in all, it had great promise but ultimately failed to deliver.  


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