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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Review: Being Sloane Jacobs - Lauren Morill

Being Sloane JacobsTitle: Being Sloane Jacobs 
Author: Lauren Morrill

Release Date: January 7th, 2013   
Publisher: Delacorte 
Age and Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 352
Source: bought

Meet Sloane Emily Jacobs: a seriously stressed-out figure-skater from Washington, D.C., who choked during junior nationals and isn’t sure she’s ready for a comeback. What she does know is that she’d give anything to escape the mass of misery that is her life.

Now meet Sloane Devon Jacobs, a spunky ice hockey player from Philly who’s been suspended from her team for too many aggressive hip checks. Her punishment? Hockey camp, now, when she’s playing the worst she’s ever played. If she messes up? Her life will be over.

When the two Sloanes meet by chance in Montreal and decide to trade places for the summer, each girl thinks she’s the lucky one: no strangers to judge or laugh at Sloane Emily, no scouts expecting Sloane Devon to be a hero. But it didn’t occur to Sloane E. that while avoiding sequins and axels she might meet a hockey hottie—and Sloane D. never expected to run into a familiar (and very good-looking) face from home. It’s not long before the Sloanes discover that convincing people you’re someone else might be more difficult than being yourself.

This book was just what I needed. After reading quite a lot of NA and Adult romances lately, I started to miss and want to read something that's a bit more light and fun and YA. BEING SLOANE JACOBS fulfilled my needs and more. It's one of those books you finish with a big stupid smile on your face and contains a message that I think is pretty relevant to today's teens. 

First of, I love the storyline! If you love a bit of The Parent Trap plus hockey and ice-skating, you will fall in love with this book. While it will never happen in real life, it was hilarious to see and read about it here. Here we have two very different girls with only one common: they each play a sport and they share the same name. As they have family/other issues, they decided to go to a different summer camp, to pretend as each other and play their sport. How they handled it and their reactions were actually very realistic. They did NOT have an easy time, and they found out their judgemental thoughts about each other's sports were false.

We get both Sloane Emily and Sloane Devon's POV, which was awesome and really helped to develop and for the reader to distinguish between them. Personally, I prefer Sloane Emily more, maybe because she's more like me. The girly, more shy one that have a love for glittery stuff. Oh, and she also ice-skates. Sloane Emily's the more tomboy, laidback of the two and it was fun reading the scenes where she have to act all graceful and light (while ice-skating) and Sloane Emily having to wear more casual, dirty stuff while playing hockey. You can just imagine them in your head thinking, what the hell am I doing?? 

Of course, there's some family issues and all that drama, but I'm glad it didn't very much just focused on that particular aspect. The main focus was the two very lost young women trying to find out what they truly want and how they don't have to always follow everyone just to make them happy. There's a little bit of romance too, of course. Honestly, that's the one that I'm let down by the most. While it's not a major issue, I felt as though the two main love interests should have been more developed and that we get to spend more time with them. But, looking at the grand scheme of things, this is a very small detail. This is my first book by Lauren Morrill, and I can assure you I'll be looking out for her future ones! :)


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