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Monday, 6 January 2014

Review: Legal Affairs - Objection by Sawyer Bennett

Legal Affairs, Vol. 1 - Objection (Legal Affairs, #1)Title: Legal Affairs, Vol 1 - Objection
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Release Date: December 26th, 2013 
Publisher: Big Dog Books, LLC

Age and Genre: Adult, Romance


Source: for review

One year ago, I graduated from law school and embarked on a career as a purveyor of high priced legal shenanigans.

Six months ago, my boyfriend dumped me when I thought he might be proposing.

Two weeks ago, I got drunk and joined a secret sex club.

Two days ago, I had a torrid one-night stand with a stranger.
Today? Well, today I’m contemplating having an affair with my boss.

Matt Connover is all kinds of forbidden temptation wrapped up in a deliciously wicked package, and he’s made it clear… he’s only interested in sex.

My name is McKayla Dawson but everyone calls me Mac. I work at the powerhouse firm of Connover & Crown, LLP, where the law has never felt so hot.

But between you and me, I’m afraid my heart won’t survive these Legal Affairs.

Legal Affairs is a serial romance with a whole lot of hot and a little bit of funny. It has six volumes that will be released every two weeks, the first one, entitled Objection, on January 10, 2014.

If you read my latest blog posts, you'd know that I recently discovered Sawyer Bennett's AMAZING books and am totally obsessed with all of them! Well, this new start of a series is no different and I couldn't get enough of it. The only problem (well..it's not really a problem hehe) is that it's too short as it's part of a volume series and I wanted more. Nevertheless, Sawyer delivers yet again another really sexy, humorous story with lovable characters. 

I don't know how she does it but Sawyer just creates the most delicious, hottest MEN ever. Matt Connover just got added to my Book Boyfriends list because he is just.YUM. The things he said and did..OMG. *fans self* Yeah. I wouldn't mind being McKayla.  :P And as for McKayla, I love this girl. She's a character that I loved reading about. Her inner dialogue is hilarious and damn she is seriously relatable. With these two main characters, you know you're just going to get something awesome. And Holy hell. Their interactions (the sexual tension, guys!!!) I couldn't get enough of and let me tell you know, there are some really hot scenes. Which, if you're like me, then you'd love. :) 

This wasn't only focused on the two main characters, their jobs was also highlighted. I never read anything about the law/lawyers before and stuff but this was actually pretty interesting and I admittedly quite enjoyed it. Of course, the romance is centre stage but it was pretty cool too. 

Now I'm just (impatiently) waiting for the next which will be published in two weeks. YAY!
For fans of Sawyer Bennett will most definitely won't be disappoint with this, and for those who haven't read other books by her, you MUST! This is one author and series you shouldn't miss. 


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