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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Guest Post: Prom Dates To Die For (author: Jenny Peterson) )

Authors: Lena Brown, Heather Dearly, Kelly Parra, Jenny Peterson and Aaron Smith)
Release Date: April 16th 2012
Publisher:Buzz Books

Five young adult authors cordially invite you to five paranormal proms with...

Supernatural hunters hired to save a prom date hungry for souls

A reaper haunted by a past she doesn't remember

A prom queen seeking justice...and revenge

A loner musician called to save his classmates from an enemy only he can see.

A heroine getting much more than she wished for on her 18th birthday and prom night

Fright, fun and unforgettable.
by Author Jenny Peterson

My boyfriend dumped me right before senior prom. I tried to tell people it was totally mutual, but only one of us was sobbing in the bathroom between classes, so...

My friends swooped in--as awesome, swoopy friends do--and set me up with a "date." I tried to be excited, but there was all that aforementioned sobbing to get back to. Being dumped by your First Major High School Boyfriend sucks. My friends, however, were up to more than simply cornering a foreign-exchange student and somehow conning him into taking me to prom. My vision for a Capital R Romantic prom, full of intimate dinners and probably a lot of goopy soul-gazing, etc, was replaced with fun. Capital F Fun. And mini-vans. Because nothing says prom like a white Ford Aerostar.

Dinner for two turned into a group event. Dessert was a drive-thru trip for McFlurries. And slow-dancing--which I'm pretty sure is scientifically proven to be the least fun type of dancing--became bouncy and late-90s and full of the shrieking laughter perfected by teen girls everywhere. (And let me go ahead and apologize to parents and teachers for that because, seriously, we were shrill.) 

But more than that, a boyfriend-less senior prom turned into the type of memorable summer that will always make me smile. Bonfires. Sleep-overs. Sucking down Mike's Hard Lemonade and pretending it's tasty. It was that last bit of teenage life before we all scattered. To different colleges and different corners of the country (or world) and different lives. Sometimes, being dumped is exactly what's needed to make the dance worthwhile. 

Jenny Peterson is the author of the short story, "Tonight, You're Mine," in the Prom Dates to Die For anthology, released May 1st by Buzz Books USA. The former lifestyle editor is now writing young adult fiction. Follow her on Twitter @jenc_p.
Received this short anthology in the mail yesterday and I'm SO so excited to start reading! Unfortunately, it would have to wait a bit and because of my exams starting soon, and the fact that I need to finish CoLS! But look out for my review next month! :)


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