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Thursday, 10 May 2012

A little something...

^ I honestly don't know what to call this blog post. So there you go. 
Hey guys!!

Just want to update you in a few things which may explain why I've been quiet this few days. And hopefully some actually make sense.

:: I would be taking an unofficial hiatus to the blog. NOW. This doesn't mean nothing will be posted on here, just that all the reviews and guest posts are scheduled before and none is new.

:: The latest books that I've read, and the books that I'm planning on reading, won't be reviewed until mid-June. My very important GCSE exams will be starting Monday 14th May, and so I can't really do this AND get good grades. And if I don't get good grades, well I might as well say goodbye to you right now, cuz I'm pretty sure my family will kill me.

:: I would still be active on Twitter, just to check what's happening and for all the gossip, but I won't tweet as much or anything like that.

:: Also, since the Daemon Invasion will be starting 15th May, that's probably the only bookish thing that I'll be taking part on. Since I'm the Elite Leader of team Luxing After Daemon, I do have to basically spend more time with this and lead my team. So my exams and the Daemon Invasion is definitely my top priorities right now. I SO want to win ;)

:: Now, all the blog tours that I've agreed to do, will STILL be posted in their correct time and date (hopefully) so this doesn't really apply to them.

:: I won't have time to participate on the book haul meme Showcase Sunday. Because of revision and life, the next one will probably be posted at the end of my exams, so I will do a GREAT big book haul and swag and other stuff.

:: For design requests and stuff like that, I would have to decline all of them since I just seriously don't have the time. It's a miracle I had time to write this for you guys, but I just want to clarify and clear up a few things.

:: I hope this explains why you won't be getting much from me this next month (mid May to mid June) and that my blog will only have the several reviews and blog tours each month. ::

If you have any other questions or anything like that, please just comment on here or email me at thebookgoddess(at)yahoo(dot)com

I seriously can't wait for all of this to be over, and since I'll be free half of June, all of July and August, I would be spending most of my time reading, designing, blogging and getting a part time summer job. HOPEFULLY. ;)

Also, please wish me luck on my exams - I really appreciate it! :D


  1. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm gonna fail D:

  2. Good luck! I'll miss your posts,m but I have exams too. so I should probably go study now *glum face*


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