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Thursday, 3 May 2012

IIWTWAB (1) : Jessica @ Just A Booklover

Usual standard format of IIWTWAB ~
: Genre(s):
: A sentence or two explaining the storyline:
: What the two main characters will be like (personalities, looks etc.):
: What the cover will look like: 
: Preferred publishing house(s): 
: Already published YA books that is quite similar to your one: 

This month is: 


~ If I were to write a YA book, I would most likely include Greek Gods/Goddesses. Actually, the main point would be around Apollo, because he's my favorite god. I mean, seriously, he's the SUN. Amazing. Plus, I've always had an odd interest in the Greek myths. They amuse me like no other random history-built-type story. I'm actually formulating an idea around him in my head every passing day right now. I have a main idea down, but not much of individual events.
Anyways, I would obviously have Apollo. And of course there would be a leading girl opposite him. I mean, it's a given. What good YA book doesn't have a boy and a girl thrown together for some odd reason? She would be pretty, possibly an ex-pageant girl with a best friend named Mandy. And an older brother. I always like to have brothers, since I have three of my own. I think I want her to be an athlete in the setting of my story, though.  She would be blonde, hair and perfect skin some people might kill for. Oh, and back to Apollo for a moment, he would be blonde, but a golden blonde, like the sun. You see? And built. Abs and muscles galore. (Is that how you spell that word? "Galore"? Oh, well y'all get my point.) Either way, he'll be attractive in a GOD-LIKE way. ;)
The cover. Ah, I'm not positive what the cover would look like. Something vengeance-like, I think. You'd have to know more about the story I'm cooking up to understand why, but I'm not really going to go too far into this becasue my plans on this aren't really definite. Just an idea I like to toss around and build on as I try to fall asleep, take showers, etc. (hehe, I channeled Elizabeth Eulberg there!) I think the color gold would be put in somewhere, maybe some black, red, orange. But I'm not really a designer. I write. I read. Designing isn't my thing. Now, Jana, she is AMAZING at these things. Maybe I'll ask her to design my cover once the book's written. She already designed me the most perfect blog button, so I have serious faith in her abilities.

Publishers! This would be a long shot, but Harper Collins. More specifically, Harper Teen, but it would be okay if I just got a Harper Collins imprint. They make some great books. My ideal publisher would be Harper Teen, though. Other publishers areokay, too. I'm just stating a specific favorite. I really like RazorBill, too. I mean, VA. LOVED IT! And Strange Angels? Amazing. The people there are doing some great things, too.

Already published YA books similar to the one I want to write. . .  hmmm. I haven't actually READ Juliet Immortal yet, but from what I've seen, it's kind of close. Maybe. And Transcendence by CJ Omololu (to be released in June, but I have an ARC of) seems to have part of a good idea that resonate through my story. Other than that, though, I can't really pinpoint similar books. It could be because of my closeness to the story - I'm thinking it up, therefore have trouble comparing it to other books. If you know of any books that seem like the one I've semi-described, feel free to tell me. I'd love to check it out!  

Check back next month for another blogger's dream book! If you want to participate another month, please email me at thebookgoddess@yahoo.com


  1. This book sounds fab! I really like HarperTeen too! :D


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