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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Discussion Day (1) - Love Triangles

 :: This is the first day of DISCUSSION DAY. Where every Saturday or Sunday I will have a different book related topic! This week we are talking about: LOVE TRIANGLES. Next week: YOUR BOOKSHELF GENRES. ::


First of all, what makes a good love triangle? I can't wait to hear what you guys think, but for me, a good love triangle is one where you just CAN'T tell who the protagonist/main character will end up in the end. One where you have two equally amazing and worthy guys (or girls - if we're talking about a guy) and you're honestly torn between them. Also, I like to think that from love triangles, the girl isn't really choosing between the two guys, at the end of the day she's choosing which version of herself she wants to be. 
Also, lately I've been hearing and reading more about love triangles that involve two girls fighting for the same guy. WHICH I LOVE. 'Cause let's be honest, there's more chance of two girls pulling each others hairs (yay bitch fight!) over jealousy rather than two guys loving the same girl in real life. But maybe that's just me. 

Anyway, below is a list of the love triangles that I love (pink), and couldn't wait to read more of the series to see who the protagonist ends up with (among other things). And it also say which Team I'm on (just my opinion btw, doesn't mean it's the truth). And below that are the love triangles where I want to rip my hair out just by thinking about it (blue). Whether it's 'cause I was rooting for the poor underdog, or it's insanely obvious who the heroine was going to choose right from the very beginning. 

* Not necessarily in order, but my faves are near the top.*

(Author - Sarah J. Maas) 
Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)This is the most hardest one for me. Uhhh the charming prince, or the gruff Captain of the Royal Guard?? Who to pick? This is my favourite fantasy book ever and it's not even out yet! I kept going back and forth between these two equally amazing guys! SO HOT! Also, shit is about to hit the fan since the two guys are best friends.  But I'm not sure it will stay like that for long though ;). I love Celaena and I'll be happy with whoever she chooses in the end. But I gotta say I love Chaol a tiny bit more ;)  I'M TEAM: CHAOL
UNEARTHLY - Tucker VS Christian
(Author - Cynthia Hand)
UnearthlyI'm torn with this. I fell in love with Christian in the first book (Unearthly), but I was Team Tucker all the way in the sequel (Hallowed). Which was the other way around for many people (they loved Tucker in Unearthly, but switched to Christian in Hallowed). I know, crazy crazy. This is one of those books that you simply just don't know who she'll pick until the very end. I have a feeling she *might* end up with Christian,but Team Christian people think she'll end up with Tucker. Who knows?  I cried at the end of Hallowed, but I really hope she chooses Tucker.  I'M TEAM: TUCKER

(Author - Cassandra Clare) 
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)I really don't know why, but I just prefer the bad boy who's a bit mental (hehe) and tortured inside. I think the teams here are evenly matched, and I think we've come to the conclusion that all the Team Will people think Tessa's going to end up with Jem, while the Team Jem think she's going to end up with Will. That's just the way it is. I wouldn't be so upset if Will doesn't end up with Tessa, just so that he doesn't DIE. Or Jem doesn't die. And I admit I got a bit sad that Cassie confirmed that it's only Tessa that's definitely alive at the end. Am I really evil for not caring about her? Just so Will and Jem's alright :P    I'M TEAM: WILL

(Author - Trisha Wolfe)
Destiny's Fire (Kythan Guardians, #1)This is the one that totally surprised me the most. I must have overlooked the summary of this book, because when I was reading, I was CERTAIN she was going to end up with Jace. And I thought Reece was the bad guy. I was so surprised but also mesmerized because Reece and Dez's relationship was one that took time to develop, and I enjoyed their jealousy fights and banters LOL. Their chemistry is WHOA guys it's insanely hot!! I am like begging for the sequel. I WANT IT NOW.  I'M TEAM: REECE


NIGHTSHADE series - Ren VS Shay
(Author - Andrea Cremer) 
Bloodrose (Nightshade, #3)Argh. I could go on and on about how much I despised the ending of Bloodrose, but that would take the whole day. If you would like to read my review full on rant about this then clicky here Hands down.EVERYONE love Ren. Shame Andrea doesn't. I could still cry and throw my copy of this whole series just by thinking of that horrible horrible ending ever. And here I thought it couldn't get worse. I'M TEAM: REN
COVENANT series - Aiden VS Seth
(Author - Jennifer L. Armentrout)
Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Don't get me wrong, I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and she IS my favourite author. I do love both of these guys, but hell. Any normal person can guess that Alex will end up with Aiden. . You see, that's the only problem I have with this series. I LOVE IT. But the love triangle is a bit predictable. Though maybe Jenn will do her little magic and surprise us about the ending. I just remembered how PURE was a 'Seth book' in my opinion, while HALF-BLOOD was 'Aiden's' so I can't wait to read DEITY to find out more about what happens with the story and the romance aspect of it.  I'M TEAM: AIDEN

SHATTER ME- Adam VS Warner
(Author - Tahereh Mafi) 
Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)This is probably the most stupid one of them all. Seriously? When I was reading this book all I could think of was how disgusting and evil and manipulating Warner was. So I was more than a little shock when I learned that people were siding with Team Warner and then there's Team Adam. I admit, Warner's interesting, but he's got nothing on Adam. Adam's nice AND naughty. (Btw did you see that new cover? I'm in love with the eye. Just about it, though.) I'M TEAM: ADAM

Vampire Academy : Dimitri VS Adrian -  another one that was predictable. Let's face it. Rose belongs with Dimitri. Sydney with Adrian. End of.
Wither :Linden and Gabriel - Sorry to say but Gabriel has a personality of a brick. Jesus, I couldn't stand him in 'Fever'. Linden's ma fave.
Hourglass : Kaleb and Michael - I loved Kaleb. Not so much Michael, but we all knew who the girl (can't even remember her name) chooses from the very beginning, right?
Iron Fey : Puck and ash - Sigh. See above comments. I loved both guys by the way.

So come on guys. Let me know any other love triangles (YA or Adult) that you love or hated. Would love to hear what other people think! Also, let me know if you disagree with me or not, just please don't bite my head off LOL :P It's only my opinion.


  1. I wasn't a fan of the VA - Dimitri/Rose/Adrian - love triangle either. I mean, it was SOOOOOOOOOO obvious Rose and Dimitri were meant to be together. <3 Don't get me wrong, I adore Adrian Ivashkov with my beating heart, but he and Rose had nowhere to go with their relationship, lol. I'm team Romitri and Team Sydrian all the way. <3

    And speaking of love triangles where a boy and two girls are involved...HELL to the YES! I'm a girl, and I'm always really frustrated at how almost all the YA books have a love triangle where the two hottest guys fight over the heroine of the book. It makes me want to rip the pages off the book, lol. Boys are worthy, too. That's why I'm already over the moon with the (possible) girl/guy/girl love triangle in Richelle Mead's "Bloodlines" series. ;) You know what characters I'm talking about...right? xDD I'm team ANDDIE all the way. <3

    The boy the heroine (in the Nightshade series) picked made people SO mad, lol. I wasn't a fan of that series, but I was curious about who the heroine ended up with. xDD

    I'm team Will/Tessa. :) That leaves Jem single and me ready to be his rebound, haha. Jem is so sweet and so adorable, it makes me want to hug him and take care of him with all my might. <3

    I'm not a fan - really - of love triangles, but this was such a fun discussion post. Plus, I'm already looking for some of the books you talked about here to read next. :)

  2. I so agree about Half-Blood! I love the series, but so far, the love-triangle hasn't brought anything we haven't already seen (except some really HOT scenes hehe). I do feel it's obvious who Alex will end up with. Seth is an interesting character, but for me, not in a relationship with Alex. :\ Same goes with the triangle in Vampire Academy. Painfully obvious. It actually made me not appreciate Adrian at all. Thankfully Bloodlines made me see how awesome he is, and I love him to pieces! :')

  3. I SO hope the Shatter Me series isn't going to turn into a love triangle. I cannot. Stand. Warner. He's just evil. But I'm really worried it's going to happen anyways and that'll make me super sad because I absolutely love Shatter Me and I hope I'll love the rest of the series as well -- which I don't think can happen if Warner's a love interest.

  4. Melissa, the Nightshade love triangle seriously made people threw their book right across the road lol that's how bad the ending was..I HATE IT!

    Yay glad to know you're team Will/Tessa! <3 And yeah same I'm not that much of a fan of love triangles in general, I only like them when it's done right, like the Unearthly series and the Throne of Glass series! :)

  5. Umm....that was a LOVE TRIANGLE in SHATTER ME? Wow. I never considered Warner a potential love interest for Juliette. I mean, he's intriguing as a villain and all, but as a love interest? Um...EWW. There's no need for Team Warner/Team Adam. WARNER DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE TO BE UP AGAINST ADAM. Seriously.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!! It disgusts me when people thought it was, and that's why I included it in the list for the love triangles I hate.

  6. I love this discussion topic! And I LOVE Shatter Me--love, love, LOVE--but I agree that the love triangle is really stupid. I didn't even really notice there were teams to be on until I saw a button somewhere. Not only is that one pointless, but everyone knows Juliette will end up with Adam. And as for Unearthly--we've already discussed that I'm Team Christian. I believe you and I have agreed to disagree for that one, yes? And I already ranted to you about Ren. That ruined EVERYTHING. All the other books I seriously have to read. Especially the covenant series!


  7. I'm Team Will, and yes, I do think Tessa's going to end up with Jem, unless Jem dies, and then she's going to end up with Will. I think Will's chances to get the girl are sort of limited here, considering the engagemente and everything, but I don't want Jem to die because I love him to pieces!

    As for Shatter Me... duh. Warner might be interesting as a villain, but as a love interest for Juliette? No. Way.


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