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Monday, 4 June 2012

IIWTWAB (2): Paulina @ Kissed/Bitten By Books

Usual standard format of IIWTWAB ~

: Genre(s):
: A sentence or two explaining the storyline:
: What the two main characters will be like (personalities, looks etc.):
: What the cover will look like: 
: Preferred publishing house(s): 
: Already published YA books that is quite similar to your one: 

This month is: 

~ If I were to write a YA book (sort of am already, failing a bit) it would be a paranormal, with a lot of romance and hot scenes cause that’s how I roll. But no I have a thing for paranormal books right now- something believable but something that blows your mind as well.

It would be about a fallen angel- Daniel, and a normal teenage girl Rose. Most of the book would be about her being in love with him but not wanting to admit it, and him chasing after her. As always there has to be a love triangle but the second guy is going to be a crazy lunatic who tries to kill everyone, hm maybe halfway through he can go into a school and kill a load of people for the sake of it? And then get shot by the swat team? It’s work in progress. That might be a tad too much. But something along those lines. I love sappy love stories, but what’s the fun in that? Something massive should happen with the couple at the very end- and have a second book! Yes! I’m a genius. But yeah I want there to be loads of hot scenes between them :D
Oops kind of got carried away there.

May I just add that everyone that I like will be very sexy and good looking and all the umpa lumpa bitches that are going to be there are gonna be butt ugly ( 4 girls in particular that I hate in school).

The cover: um not really sure what, but I want both Daniel and Rose in there, and make a happy cover maybe them hugging or something? Also the title and my name will have to be very pretty, with a nice font (I might invent a new font for this) I hate it when authors use every day fonts it’s really plain.

I loved Hush Hush and I love the idea of it so it will be quite similar to it, but it will have some stuff similar to Shiver, and Tempest. ~

Can I just say that I've read some of Paulina's story and it is HILARIOUS and SEXY as hell. Also, since we both go to the same school and hang out, I knew which 4 mean girls she's talking about. Gotta hate them umpa lumpas ;) 

Check back next month for another blogger's dream book! If you want to participate another month, please email me at thebookgoddess@yahoo.com


  1. I forgot how funny I am!!! Haha and thanks for saying my story is "hilarious" and "sexy" x


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