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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Review: My Heart Be Damned - Chanelle Gray

Author: Chanelle Gray
Release Date: September 15th 2012
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Publisher: Knight Romance Publishing
Pages: unknown
Source: Bought

If you're a Hunter, there are only three things you must know about the Damned. The Damned can't lie, can't live without a body, and can't leave you alone.

Amerie Carter has the blood of a Hunter, unfortunately. She is one of a rare line of women who, upon her sixteenth birthday, will come into extraordinary powers used to hunt the Damned; escaped souls from Hell who take up residence in human bodies. It's supposed to be her sweet sixteen, but Amerie has never dreaded a day more, and her worst fears are confirmed as the celebration turns tragic when her mother is killed.

Grief-stricken, Amerie vows to never hunt a day in her life. She's determined to hide behind normalcy, attending school, hanging out with her friends and working an after-school job at The Hut. All Amerie wants is to be left alone. But try telling the Damned that. The harder Amerie tries to ignore her powers, the more the Damned come looking for her.

When an attack leaves one of Amerie's friends in the hospital, and endangers the lives of her fellow students, she knows she has no choice: Hunt or Be Hunted. Thankfully, the gorgeous, secretive, and so-off-limits Marshall offers to train Amerie to take out her supernatural enemies. But training with Marshall means lying to her friends, her family, and confronting the mysterious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

Amerie soon discovers she’s not the only one with something to hide, Marshall's secrets might kill her before the Damned get the chance.
I'd be honest with you. I never planned on reading this book. At all. I don't know really why - I think it's because of the cover with the girl in a dress. Yeah, I'm tired of covers like that, ok. And I thought this book would be just like every other YA paranormal out there (don't get me wrong - YA paranormal is still my favourite genre ever!) but there's just SO much of them. I them vowed to keep away from this book but yesterday one of my blogger friends was gushing about it on twitter and I totally trust her opinion and taste on books. So I was like, why not? And as you guys know I was on a horrible horrible reading slump these past two weeks.

So then I bought this book on my Kindle yesterday. And read and finished it yesterday too. Guys, let me just tell you now that I'm in love with this book. It totally got me out of my craptastic reading slump and made me love reading again! Yipee!

Amerie was such a great kick ass character. I love this girl so much! I really relate to her and connecteed with her. She's got all of my fave aspects in a heroine. But that's not to say she wasn't flawed. She is. But the flaws that she got just made me love and appreciate her even more! 

I definitely added Marshall to my list of ever growing book boyfriends. He was just so cocky and sexy! Definitely my favorite combination LOL. And I love that their relationship starting out slow and rocky. Only one thing that I need was more sexy scenes. I'm hoping for more kissy scenes in the sequel! :P

The side characters were some of my favourite characters EVER. I love Amerie's friends, Chuck and Mercy. I love that they have their own storyline at the side and I can't wait to see more of them in the sequel. (yes! there's a sequel! Yay!) And about Sam. Well I never really liked him so. But I'm glad to say there's no love triangle, folks. Nuh uh. 

The paranormal elements was also something that I very much enjoyed! I thought it was fairly original and one I haven't really read more about. This debut also contains a lot of action, mystery, betrayal and romance. I think there's something for every reader here. The writing was also amazing and the pacing was perfect. I read this in one night and I don't regret a bit! Definitely a phenomenal debut! :) 



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