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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review: Charade - Nyrae Dawn

Title: Charade (The Games #1)
Author: Nyrae Dawn
Release Date: October 22nd 2012
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 245
Type: e-book 
Source: Bought

Nineteen-year-old Cheyenne tries to portray the perfect life to mask the memories of her past. Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman her freshman year in college threatens that picture of perfection.

Twenty-one-year-old Colt never wanted college and never expected to amount to anything, but when his mom's dying wish is for him to get his degree, he has no choice but to pretend it's what he wants too.

Cheyenne needs a fake boyfriend to get back at her ex and Colt needs cash to take care of his mom, so they strike a deal that helps them both. But what if Cheyenne’s past isn’t what she thought? Soon they’re trading one charade for another—losing themselves in each other to forget about their pain. The more they play their game, the more it becomes the only thing they have that feels real.

Both Cheyenne and Colt know life is never easy, but neither of them expect the tragedy that threatens to end their charade and rip them apart forever.

When I first heard about Charade, I was immediately hooked. Besides the sexy sexy cover, the summary just sounded so impressive and fun. Little did I know that this book was so much more. 

This was my first ever book I read by Nyrae Dawn. (I know, I know, don't kill me!) but dear God I kinda want to read ALL of her books now. I was so touched by her writing! Also, I read this in one sitting, so you know it's better than good.

The plot may seem simple and boring to others, but I found it really fascinating and addicting. My favourite love stories are when the two characters pretend to be together, and then actually falling in love whether they wanted to or not. Colt and Cheyenne shouldn't have fallen in love, but they did. Also,  I should probably mention that this is not just a love story. There was a lot of issues and stuff going on and I found myself never bored with the story- Colt's mum, Cheyenne's past, her stupid ex-boyfriend, and so on.

As this is a New Adult book, there were a lot more descriptive sexy scenes. And oh boy did I love them. Colt and Cheyenne have AH-MAZING chemistry together. They're now one of my favourite couples ever.

Colt. Colt. Colt. Sigh. Colt is seriously my newest book boyfriend. This book was told in two POV's - his and Cheyenne's. I gotta say I loved his POV better. And no, it's not just 'cause he's smexy. It's because he's so cocky, charming, kind, yet so vulnerable and there's so many layers to him. I wanna have his babies, please. 

Cheyenne was also a great female protagonist. I just want to be her friend. She was just so real and reletable, and you can't help but feel sorry for her what has happened to her in the past. I kinda want to punch her mum in the face. Grrr. Like Colt, her character development was just amazing and really unforgettable.

You guys know I RARELY cry when reading a book. Come to think of it, I think the only time I cried was because of Tabitha Suzuma's Forbidden. Yep. But this. THIS just tore me apart. I was so emotional and shed a tear or two near the end. Ahhh. That moment was just SO sad and beautiful at the same time. 

There was a bit right before the ending that had me going 'OMG NO!!!!!!' My heart was beating so fast and I just kept on wishing that everything would be fine. The ending itself was very satisfying and I love that this is a stand-alone (with a companion out next year). I'm actually really glad that this is only a stand-alone; I think both Colt and Cheyenne have been through so much! :)

I am SO frigging happy that Nyrae decided to write a companion novel to this, called Facade and it'll be about Colt's best friend Adrian! Woot! Can't wait to read that! :D



  1. I don't usually cry when I read either. Quite a feat for any author!

  2. I totally understand which bit before the ending you're referring to - I myself was going "NOOOOOO just let them be happy" while reading that part! I loved Colt's POV too.

    Great review! You can check out my review here if you want. :)

  3. I just finished this one, and I actually wasn't a big fan of it. I'm usually a huge fan of books like this one... and even this author but this one just wasn't the one for me.

    Great review!


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