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Monday, 22 October 2012

Winner: Opal/Deity Giveaway and Best Answers!


Hey guys!

The winner of my Deity/Opal pre-order is.....

Congrats!!! :D 

Email me at thebookgoddess(at)ymail(dot)com 

with your mailing address and whether you would like Opal OR Deity. 

You only have 48 hours to respond.   

Giveaway question:  
What YA creature/genre would you want JLA to write about next?
Answers to my giveaway:

~ A LOT of you put angels/fantasy. If you didn't know, Jennifer also writes adult (as J. Lynn) and as a matter of fact, her adult books are about angels and fantasy. :) 

~ *I* would love to see her write about YA contemporary romance (I know her upcoming 2014 book Don't Look Back is contemporary but it's more thriller like) and about mermaids. But I pretty much love all of her books so I'm not entirely picky :)

~ Best answer: from Kristin Macri - " I would love it if she wrote about trolls. There is so much an author can do with that. They don't have to be the stereotypical trolls. They could be beautiful and mysterious and control the elemental earth. I think that would be a fantastic read!

~  Also, pirates! Demons! Fairytale retellings! Let's face it, Jennifer can make any Prince Charming sexy! ;)
~ JLA said that she won't ever write about fey or werewolves. Just never her thing. Which I like because I'm not a fan of them either.

~Someone said that she could write about Greek Gods. Umm, go read her Covenant books :) 

 That's it from me, guys! Thank you all for entering my giveaway! And if you didn't win, Deity is only a few weeks away (best of the series so far!! read my review!) and Opal (well, I'm waiting with you on that one!) :D


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