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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: Tempting The Player - J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers, #2)Title: Tempting The Player (Gamble Brothers #2)
Author: J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout)
Release Date: October 23rd 2012
Publisher: Entangled - Brazen
Genre: Adult, Contemporary
Pages: Unknown
Source: Bought

Chad Gamble, all-star pitcher for the Nationals, is one of the best players on—and off—the field. And right now, the notorious bad boy wants Bridget Rodgers. But with her lush curves and snappy comebacks, the feisty redhead is the kind of woman a man wants to settle down with…and that’s the last thing Chad needs.

When the paparazzi catch them in a compromising position, Chad’s manager issues an ultimatum: clean up his act or kiss his multi-million dollar contract goodbye. To save his career, his meddling publicist says he'll have to convince everyone Bridget isn’t just his flavor of the week, but his girlfriend.

Being blackmailed into a fake relationship with Chad Gamble isn’t easy, especially when the sizzling physical attraction between them is undeniable. With a month to go on their arranged pretense, it's going to take every ounce of willpower they have not to fall into bed together...or in love.

I WISH WISH WISH this series would become available in paperback (if not now, later please) because I want to hug and kiss and cuddle and kiss some more and hug this book. Eeeep! After finishing it on one sitting, I so want to read it again. And I would be reading this again if it wasn't for the hundred books shouting at me to read/review them. Sigh. I promise soon.
The second Gamble book, Tempting The Player has got everything I want in a book. The sexy alpha male we all can't help but love, a loveable heroine, full of hilarious moments, unforgettable characters AND it's written by none other than my favourite author ever - Jennifer L. Armentrout. Seriously, what more can you ask for??
One of my most favourite romance storyline is when the relationship started off as fake and then the two characters gradually fall in love. There's just something about it that I love and I'm really glad that that's what happened with Chad and Bridget. 
Guys, it was even BETTER than Tempting The Best Man. And God knows I loved that book to bits. I didn't really think that I would love Chad more than Chase, but after finishing this, oh holy hell I am SO in love with Chad now. Even more than I love Chase.
Chad and Bridget are definitely going in my Favourite Couples list. Seriously, I love this two so much! O.M.G. This book was HOT. If you read Tempting The Best Man, oh boy, you haven't seen anything yet. *fans self*  

What I really liked is that we still got to see what's happening with Chase and Maddie (from TtBM!) and there was this hilarious scene between them four. I was giggling uncontrollably throughout the entire time!
The ending. *faints* My favourite part of the whole book. I think you know what I'm talking about. :) 
Even though this book was really predictable (I think everyone knows what's going to happen in the end, right?), I still LOVED this book and if you guys haven't started this series, PLEASE buy them right now!! Tempting The Player is definitely my top adult book this year.  
I am dying for the next and last Gamble Brothers book, Tempting The Bodyguard. I can't wait to read Chandler and Miss Gore's story - I would think their book would be the steamiest one ;)  I. CAN.NOT. WAIT.
The Gamble Brothers series 
Tempting The Best Man (Chase's story), Tempting The Player (Chad's story) and Tempting The Bodyguard (Chandler's story - coming 2013)


  1. Starting it today.. I can't wait xD

  2. Wow, you're very fast! I read Chase's story, now Chad's turn. Can't wait! And thanks to you, I'm dying to read this now. :D

  3. Same here! I'm reading it right now, and it is SO GOOD!!!!

    1. Isn't it?? I can't wait to hear what you think! :)


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