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Monday, 8 October 2012

Author Interview and Giveaway: Jennifer L. Armentrout - Win Opal or Deity!

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About my favourite author!
USA TODAY BESTSELLING Author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you've heard about her state aren't true. When she's not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russel Loki. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She also writes adult romance under the name J. Lynn. She is the author of the COVENANT Series (Spencer Hill Press), the LUX Series (Entangled Publishing), and the upcoming YA contemporary mystery/thrillers DON'T LOOK BACK (Disney/Hyperion Spring 2014) and yet untitled book (Disney/Hyperion tentative Fall 2014).

COVENANT series - Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir, Apollyon, Sentinel
Daimon (Covenant, #0.5)Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)Pure (Covenant, #2)Deity (Covenant, #3)

LUX series - Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Origin, and untitled

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Onyx (Lux, #2)Opal (Lux, #3)

Other stand-alones/series - Cursed, Tempting The Best Man, Unchained
 CursedTempting the Best Man (Gamble Brothers, #1)Unchained (Nephilim Rising, #1)


1. I've heard that the 4th and 5th books of the Lux series are now going to be written in both Daemon and Kat's POV. What made you decide this?

There were two reasons. Having another POV works with how the story plays out and the second reason was that so many fans enjoy Daemon's POV and since I'm not rewriting entire books in his POV, I figured this was the next best thing. 

2. Yay! I can NOT wait for the 4th book to read Daemon's POV! Out of all your books (including ones which will come out this year), which was your favourite to write and why? Which was the most challenging and why?

Deity and Opal are both tied as my most favorite to write and challenging. So much happens in both those books that really changes the game. 

3.I've already read Deity and yes people, a lot of stuff happened in Deity. But I'm pretty sure Opal will be even more amazing. He he. What's one paranormal creature that you would never write about and why?

Probably werewolves. I've never been interested in them.

4. Never been interested in werewolves either. How do you make up names for all your characters? Is there any meaning or significance to their names?

I'm terrible at making up names. That's why so many of my character names rhymes. The Covenant series is the only one where the names hold significance.

5. Haha! I love the names Daemon and Aiden and Hayden! Just so you know. As a reader, what is the most important to you, the characters or the plot? As a writer, is it different?

As a reader and writer, the characters are the most important. They can save a loose plot and carry a story forward. Bad characters in my opinion kill a novel, no matter how great the plot is.
6. That's like me! I'm a big characters girl. From all your boys, which one of them is your favourite and why?

That's like asking to choose a favorite kid. Not going to happen. =)

7. I love all of your boys but Daemon has got to be my fave. We're all so amazed at how much and how quickly you can write! But how long does it actually take you to write and finish a first draft?

It really depends on the story. The quickest story I've written was seven days, but on average it's anywhere between three weeks and a little over a month.

8. How many books have you written this year? And what books are now planning to write/or are working on right now?

I've think I've written five books so far this year, maybe six. I'm currently working on edits at the moment, but I plan on finishing the 4th Lux book and the final Covenant book this year.

9.What can we expect from you next year (2013), new books, new stuff?

The Covenant series wraps up in 2013, something I'm excited and sad about. The 4th Lux book will come out, and I have some adult books coming out. In 2014, I have a YA contemporary thriller coming up from Hyperion.

10. Ooooh! Dying for all your books to come out! Want them now! And finally, anything you can tell us about Opal? (please please say some more kissy sexy scenes!!)

There's a lot of kissy sexy scenes. =)

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~ You must be a follower of this blog.
~ International. 
~ 1 winner will choose either Opal OR Deity.
~Will pre-order this from The Book Depository.
~ Must be 13 or older. 
~In the comments section below, along with your answer, please leave either your email address or twitter username for me to contact you if you win! 
~ Starts now. Ends October 22nd.

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  1. I'd love it if she wrote about fey, since they seem really mysterious ;)


  2. Eeep! Awesome giveaway! It makes me sad that the Covenant series ends next year, it's one of my favorite series ever and I could read books with Aiden forever!:))

    Anyway... I'd love to read something YA/New Adult Contemporary Romance written by JLA.... You know, where everything is more about the characters and the sexy times and less about supernatural creatures and creepy action. Should be fun.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Sorry, I forgot the email addy: andreea.c88(at)gmail.com.

  3. I dunno. Probably some slayer of some sort. Like vampire-slayer. Or dragon-slayer. JLA can make EVERYTHING seem sexy c;


  4. A non fantasy book.Something that we all can identify with.


  5. I LOVE JLAs books! Lux series is amazing and I'm currently reading Covenant!!

    NightQuest@ http://hotcoffeebooksandchocobar.blogspot.com/

  6. Umm...maybe mermaid or fey :) But no matter what JLA writes, it'll no doubt be fabulous!!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!!


  7. hm..i like a mermaid,,maybe she wrote about mermaid hehehe..but how if she wrote a contemporer romance genre..
    thanks for the chance

    icha09 at gmail dot com

  8. I'd love if she wrote a fantasy book with dragons. But her books are epic no matter what she writes about! :)


  9. I'd love if she wrote a book of romance with nothing paranormal in it :D

  10. Maybe angels? For a non-paranormal story I'd like to read about something with a bording school setting. ;)

    Twitter: @kuro_rin01

  11. Anything by Jennifer will be awesome but how about angels and demons?
    Email addy: naji.aseel@yahoo.se
    Twitter name: @AseelNaji

    Thanks for the epic giveaway!

  12. angels or mermaid for paranormal genre. or maybe contemporary romance. thanks for the chance ^^

    email : sunshine_pinkystar(at)yahoo(dot)com
    twitter : @Leev_7787

  13. I would love another paranormal romance book, one about a paranormal creature I love, like shifters or mermaids,( I wonder if by no werewolves ms. Armentrout meant no shifters). What I would also like is a a book about a paranormal creature that has never been done before.

    e mail: sunnykimmylovinglife@gmail.com

  14. I would love for her to write about something that was never written or it isn't very known! She did it writing about aliens!! I would love for her to continue doing this.
    My e-mail: xhezairaguleksi@yahoo.com
    My twitter: Xhezi_J

  15. Why change a bad thing? I'm perfectly happy reading what she's written and I wouldn't change it for the world!


  16. I'd love it if she wrote a fantasy book. Maybe something with faeries? Or a shape-shifter novel, like werewolves, but with a twist.

    e-mail: cookidough2004@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the giveaway, Jana! =D

  17. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Jana!

    As for what I would like to see Jennifer write about...hmm, maybe about voodoo (Is that the right spelling?)

    email: authorchristierich@gmail.com
    Twitter: @authorchristier

  18. I would love it if she wrote about trolls. There is so much an author can do with that. They don't have to be the stereotypical trolls. They could be beautiful and mysterious and control the elemental earth. I think that would be a fantastic read!


    Twitter: KristinMacaroni

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! It is such a wonderful one and I can't wait to find out who wins! Good Luck everyone!! :)

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for the givaway :) I'd love a good contemporary romance (there seem to be so few really good ones)


  20. Now I feel illiterate because I haven't read any of these!

  21. I would love to see JLA write about reincarnated true loves! But, she's amazing just the way she is, especially since she produced Daemon!

    annie_whitacre or theelbibliobabe

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  22. I'd love to see her write about Dragons. They are my favorite creature ever! :)

    Twitter: @Veronica_Morfi

    veronicam46 at hotmail dot com

  23. Hm... I'm open to pretty much anything, but I'm glad she doesn't care for werewolves because they're not exactly my fave either. Something with fairies or demons would be great, but she can also come up with her own species or special ability :D


  24. I think seeing her write about Vampires would officially make my day! Or shapeshifters, that's totally cool too.

    email: jude_sailormoon_gal@hotmail.com
    twitter: muffins_forever

  25. Mmm I'd love to see her write about mermaids and out of fantasy subjects I think she could do an amazing contemporary novel.

  26. I think i'm going to agree with some of the other people above and say vampire.She hasn't done aything vampire yet and i think she would make it hilarious!

    Email: akshehorn12@yahoo.com
    Twitter: citruslovr12

  27. Jennifer could write about anything, and I would read it. She is that good!
    email: Cathct@hotmail.com
    twitter: @CathyWilson03

  28. email- marissa.sanders505@gmail.com
    twitter- marissasanders

  29. Hmm.....I think she should write about werewolves next. I think she'd make a very good werewolve book. :D
    email: thunter_5@yahoo.com

  30. I would love her to write about Greek Gods! She would do AWESOME with that. ;)

    Email- the5thstar@comcast.net
    Twitter - KsKozyKorner

    :D Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  31. Wow, quick writer! Love her covenant series!

  32. Email: ajia_naveed@hotmail.com
    twitter: ajianaveed

    so excited!!!!

  33. I think it'd be cool to see her write about vampires, because she could bring a lot of the good back into it that's been lost because there are so many vamp books these days. Don't get me wrong, not all vampire books have turned to crap, but Jen could DEFINITELy write the best one if she wanted.

    email: makesmeworse12@gmail.com
    twitter: @makesmeworse12

    You're aweseome, Jana! You asked great questions--I was seriously wondering these things myself!


  34. I would like to see her version of a vampire slayer.

  35. The genre that seems to be becoming more popular in YA books is dystopian/sci-fi now. Writing about that genre would seem very interesting seeing as how now more of that genre is popping up! So many books to be reviewed and tons more coming out.
    I'm currently reading Obsidian, with Onyx waiting on my night table directly after and I'm in love with it! I plan on reading the Covenant series soon too! Already I'm excited for Opal, can't wait!
    email: nicole.torres@live.ca
    twitter: @tscnicole

  36. Hmmm. . .maybe dragons, mermaids, or fey. Thanks for the giveaway!


  37. I think it would be cool for her to write something about Pirates,Mermaids,Ashrays and Sirens all together would be awesome! An adventure of the sea! Thanks for the giveaway! Aimee- gootsie_2004@hotmail.com

  38. How about a mix of werewolves and fey together hunting each other. Some different!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  39. I think it would be amazing if she wrote about the fey or zombies!
    Lacey T

  40. I'd love to see her do werewolves or they fey!
    addiecupcakez at yahoo dot com

  41. I would love to see more adult stuff from her. I was excited to learn about Obsession because it is in the world of Lux and is an adult book. Can't wait. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  42. I like it cause she always writes about not mainstream creatures. I have no doubt in her choice.


  43. Werewolves. I would love to see her take on them :)

  44. Oh, that's a tough one. I want to see if she can do a wonderwoman type of character...a Super hero story would be amazing to read from her :)
    email: pkanaparti@gmail.com
    twitter: pkanaparti

  45. I'd actually prefer her to still write about mythology, but perhaps in another era.

    email: lyra.gill@gmail.com
    twitter: lygill

  46. I would love to see her write about Fye.


  47. I would love to see JLA to write next about angel or not fantasy genre, maybe YA drama...

    twitter : @imellicious

  48. I really want to see Jen write about... MERMAIDS with lots of hot MERMEN! OOoooOOOOo yes please!!!

    - @Sam_Soar

  49. Can not wait to read Opal! Maybe YA contemp or angels and demons. I would read the phone book if she wrote it!


  50. For genre I'd be interested in seeing a straight-up contemporary romance and for creatures I'd choose mermaids for her.

  51. I would like to read a YA contemporary or contemporary romance.

    Twitter - @c_cass189

  52. Something more contemporary.


  53. A YA contemporary might be neat :)

  54. I think werewolves would be fun. She could write some pretty awesome wolf stuff I think! Thanks for the chance to win! Twitter: b_ls

  55. I would love to read a contemporary from her.


  56. Maybe werewolves or shapeshifters of some kind. Thanks! Great giveaway! I'm dying to read both of these:)

  57. I'm partial to werewolves!
    deedee [at] grifmail [dot] com

  58. I love Jennifer's writing! But maybe witches or other magic stuff.

    Twitter username: @darkshadowborn
    e-mail: berke.kilic@hotmail.com

  59. I reeeeeeeeeeeeally love her writing, but I'm kind happy that she's not into werewolves that much. Witches would be pretty cool and ghosts, too!

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  60. I luvvvv Jennifer's writing sooooo much!!!!
    I hope that she can write about souls (transformation), fairies, mermaids, and fallen angels~
    YA genre indeed lacks awesome mermaid books

    E-mail: angela303181@gmail.com
    Twitter: @angelawang0908

  61. I love Jennifer Armentrout's books! Especially the Lux series. I can't believe she can write books so fast. And yet I'm soooo glad :) I think witches would be cool... I also really like steampunk, Greek mythology, and fairy tale retellings. Or really anything supernatural...


  62. Something funny with unicorns.


  63. Really anything would be good. Jennifer L. Armentrout could write in any genre with any character and make it amazing. Just for fun, I'll say vampires, witches, superheroes, or dragons. Genre rise? Contemporary or mystery.


  64. I love mermaids so I would go with them or maybe some sort of Fey... JLA can rock basically anything :) Thanks for the giveaway!!

  65. i think about fey or angels
    Twitter: sweety_whit3

  66. I'd love to see JLA write about....well, just about anything! I LOVE the Lux series because who would've thought an alien book could be sexy ;) I'd love to see her tackle maybe angels or a type of demon (succubus maybe LoL - maybe more adult even than YA) ^_^ She could definitely rock it.

    twitter: HsRamblingMom
    e: theramblingsofatoddlersmomgmailcom

  67. I absolutely love all of her books but I have to say I would want JLA to write more novels that are only romance.

  68. I love the fact that she wrote about aliens in the Lux series, she was not afraid to be different from what most of the fantasy authors. Also I loved The Covenant series and the subject, the creatures and all. I am sure that no matter what other choice she will make she will do a great job because she has a great writing style.

  69. I love love love the Lux series so I'm not sure what else she should write about. She could continue that series forever in my mind :) Maybe witches? That would be interesting!

    email: livingoffproceeds[at]gmail[dot]com

  70. I'm thinking if she wrote about Djinn or maybe Fey. I'm a huge fan of both, but I saw a few people mention merfolk and that would also be cool! My email is sstauss1@hotmail.com. Twitter is @Shanna319

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