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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Obsidian book trailer is FINALLY here!!! Too much hotness!


GUYS, I can not tell you how much I'm so excited about these trailers for the LUX series. This is by far my favourite series of ALL TIME. And Daemon being my number one book boyfriend. No lie. 

Anyway, how cool is that the trailers were filmed with the two cover models of the books? That doesn't happen very often, does it? There's SO much kissing (I've heard people were disappointing it just showed the kissing but I think they did that because that's what people wanted to see. THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO SEE.) And to be honest there's not that much kissing in the books - it's just the really hot and long and steamy kind we all want lol.

 I LOVE this trailer and I'm dying already for the Onyx and Opal trailers too. I personally think this will also make people want to buy the book. I mean come on, LOOK AT THEM. My ovaries just exploded within 10 seconds into the freaking video.  

And I really like the sci-fi feeling to the trailer too. :)

Find out more about the LUX series, the COVENANT series and the upcoming stand-alone CURSED and my favourite author Jennifer L. Armentrout:
Goodreads Author Page: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Twitter: @JLArmentrout


  1. OMG. This is so HOT. So glad they used the guy from the cover...he's so yummy :P

  2. "My ovaries just exploded within 10 seconds into the freaking video." ;-)
    I LOVE THE IMAGE... and yes, the trailr is very hot


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