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Saturday 9 February 2013

Announcing the Valentine Book Boy Chat!

Hey guys!

So me and my best blogging friend Jessica (Just A Booklover!) wanted to do something for V-Day! So here it is! The VALENTINE BOOK BOY CHAT. Every day, starting Monday next week, we'll be featuring one YA boy and interviewing him about V-Day and all that lovey dovey stuff we're all dying to know about. ;) 

There will be two interviews for each boy; one interview will be on this blog, and the other half will be on Jessica's blog. :) Below is the schedule and boy do we have yummy boys for you!

Monday 11th - Dean (Dracian Legacy)
Tuesday 12th  - Daniel (Touched)
Wednesday 13th - Trevor (Touching The Surface)
Thursday 14th - Kaidan (Sweet Evil)
Friday 15th - Dante (The Collector)

I actually haven't read Touching The Surface or the Touched series yet and I'm only currently reading Dracian Legacy so it's Jessica who chose Dean, Daniel and Trevor. I wanted Kaidan and Dante (and obviously she did, too). Thank you to Victoria Scott, Wendy Higgins, Priya Kanapart, Kimberly Sabatini  and Nancy Straight for letting us borrow their guys!

Here's some of the banners that I made for fun:

^ You have no idea how it pained me to color my blog button RED. I miss the purple. Just saying. :P

Have I missed something? LOL but anyway, I *think* that's all you need to know for this chat thing! Hope you guys will like it and read all the interviews! :)


  1. YAYYY, can't wait for this, Jana! I'm especially looking forward to Kaidan and Dante's interviews ;)

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for asking Kai to participate! I hope he's not too much of a stinker. :-)

  3. Awesome ! I can't wait Friday to come for a chat with Dante !!! <3


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