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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat: Trevor (Day 3)

If you missed the announcement of our (Jessica from Just A Booklover and Me) special Valentine Book Boy Chat and don't know what the hell this is, please click here!

Monday - Dean (Dracian Legacy)
Tuesday - Daniel (Touched)
Wednesday - Trevor (Touching The Surface)
Thursday - Kaidan (Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril)
Friday - Dante (The Collector)



Hello, everyone! Please welcome Trevor to the third day of our Valentine Book Boy Chat! I haven't read Touching The Surface yet but after reading his answers, I definitely would have to read this in the near future. :) 

(Psst. You may have noticed that my questions are similar to what I ask the other boys in this VBBC and that's because I suck at interviews and decided that I would just ask them general V-Day and lovey dovey stuff and I'm so not like Jessica who's questions are far more creative!) :P

 Pinned Image
Who author Kim Sabatini see as TREVOR.

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day?
 I might be…*grin* I mean, there was a time when I would have had a snarky T-shirt quote all picked out for V-day, but you live a few lives and stuff happens. She happens. But don’t expect me to be a big mush or anything. Maybe just a little mush, but don’t tell anyone.

Don't worry, I won't. ;) What would you give your girl on Valentine's Day?
My girl? I’d take her hiking to the top of her favorite mountain and I’d have a secret stash of her favorite chocolate on hand. And maybe a sunflower—she likes those.

So sweet! Have you celebrated Valentine's Day before? And how was it?
I’ve tried, but I kind of sucked at it. Relationships were definitely an issue for me in my previous lives. But, maybe that’s why I’m not taking this one for granted.

What's your favourite feature on a girl?
I love a girl with a little snark and humor, but if you’re talking body parts (am I going to get in trouble for this?) I’d have to say I’m a leg man. But if no one else is saying body parts, totally ax that answer. I don’t want to look like a superficial jerk. Really, I’m not.

What would you and your girl do on V-Day?
I can’t really control this one thing, but while we’re hiking it would be perfect if an eagle or two showed up. That’s always a good sign. It makes her happy and I love it when she’s happy.

Book question: If you had to pick another girl from another YA series to date, who would it be and why?
This is hypothetical, right? Hazel Grace from John Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Just like my girl, she’s the kind of person who sees the real me underneath all the snarky T-shirts. I need a girl like that to love. I’m not easy, you know?

And finally, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?
Doesn’t really matter, it’s the girl, but please save my from hairspray. I do not want my fingers getting stuck in your hair. * shudder *

Haha. Lucky for you, I don't do hairspray. :) Thanks Trevor and hope you stop by soon again! :)
Anytime—I mean that.

Thank you to author Kimberly Sabatini and Trevor for taking part in this Valentine Book Boy Chat!
Don't forget to go to Jessica's blog JUST A BOOKLOVER for a different Trevor interview! :)

Tomorrow, we will have Kaidan Rowe from Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril!



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