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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine Book Boy Chat: Daniel (Day 2)

If you missed the announcement of our (Jessica from Just A Booklover and Me) special Valentine Book Boy Chat and don't know what the hell this is, please click here!

Monday - Dean (Dracian Legacy)
Tuesday - Daniel (Touched)
Wednesday - Trevor (Touching The Surface)
Thursday - Kaidan (Sweet Evil/Sweet Peril)
Friday - Dante (The Collector)


Hello, everyone! Welcome to the second day of the Valentine Book Boy Chat! Today, we have Daniel from the Touched series by Nancy Straight! I haven't read the series yet but according to Jessica (my Lux-loving Dante-loving best friend and co-host of this VBBC), the books are amazing! :)

(Psst. You may have noticed that my questions are similar to what I ask the other boys in this VBBC and that's because I suck at interviews and decided that I would just ask them general V-Day and lovey dovey stuff and I'm so not like Jessica who's questions are far more creative!) :P
Jana: Hi there!

Jana? Hi! *big smile, extends hand* It’s great to be here today. *eyebrows raise* Holy smokes, you really are the Book Goddess, turn around, lemme check you out. Niiiiiice.

*Blushes* Oh wow! Anyway, first question: Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? Why or why not?

Oh, right. *pulls rose from behind back* I thought I’d get a jump on it this year. Happy early Valentine’s Day, Jana. Of course I’m looking forward to it, what guy doesn’t? *grins and shakes head* Okay, okay, so Valentines isn’t as big a draw for guys as the super bowl, but it’s the one day a year where we can do something nice for our girl and not take any flack for it.

Aww, thank you for the rose. LOL. What would you give your girl on Valentine's Day?

Is Jessica going to see this post? *questioning look* Crap, she stops by a lot? *furrows brow* I’ll take a shot that she won’t stop by in the next two days – I’d hate to spoil the surprise, so I’ll be a little vague here. Most guys are saps, without any real imagination and think jewelry always fits. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a better option than a snickers bar and a gift card, but I try to put some real thought into Valentine’s Day.

I do like me guys who put some real thought into Valentine's Day. :) Have you celebrated Valentine's Day before? And how was it?

*Sly smile* I’ve known a girl or two before. None have ever asked for a refund or exchange from me, so I’ll say my previous celebrations were well received.

Wow! Quite confident there, huh! What's your favorite feature on a girl?

I’m kind of a “whole package” guy. I like a girl with a rockin’ body, but looks aren’t enough to hold my interest for long. Let’s face it, California is full of pretty faces. Good humor and an adventurous spirit are way more important than just looks. *Questioning look* Seriously? You want me to pick one feature? *blush* All right – legs.

What would you and your girl do on V-Day?


Hahahahahahhhh!!! *clears throat* So...If you had to pick another girl from another YA series to date, who would it be and why?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. *taps finger to lips* Probably, Rayla, from Christie Rich’s Elemental Enmity Series. She’s smokin’ hot and wicked independent, but that’d probably never work. She’s got Fae Lords fighting each other for her. I’m pretty buff, but I can’t control wind, water, fire, or air.

I haven't heard of her (yet) but she sounds like pretty special, eh? And finally, do you prefer blondes or brunettes? (such a random question, I know)

I try to not be superficial. *COUGHbrunettesCOUGH*

Thanks Daniel and hope you stop by soon again! :)

Thanks for having me today, Jana! It was my pleasure.
Thank you to author Nancy Straight and Daniel for taking part in this Valentine Book Boy Chat!
Don't forget to go to Jessica's blog JUST A BOOKLOVER for a different Daniel interview! :)

Tomorrow, we will have Trevor from Touching The Surface!


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