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Friday, 6 July 2012

Review: The Look - Sophia Bennett

The LookTitle: The Look
Author: Sophia Bennett
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: March 1st 2012
Publisher: Chicken House
Pages: 336
Source:  Traded with a blogger

When Ted is spotted by a model agency, she can’t believe it. At the same time her gorgeous sister, Ava, is diagnosed with cancer. With her world turned upside down, Ted has a lot of growing up to do, some of it in five-inch platforms. Can she be a supermodel and a super sister? Or will she have to choose between fame and family?

Interested becoming a model? Or know someone who do? THE LOOK provides valuable information on the competitive industry while also having a storyline that would make you close to crying. If you're looking a great short summer read then I think THE LOOK is perfect.

This isn't just about modelling. It's also about cancer. We know from the description that Ted's sister has been diagnosed with cancer. Now, usually I try to stay away from that kind of subjects, just because it makes me unhappy and I can't stand it, but for THE LOOK, I wanted to read something different. And am glad I did.  

I much preferred her other series THREAD, mainly because it's about fashion design and God knows how much I wanted to be a fashion designer my whole life. (Not now though. Things changed.). Also because I was more interested with the characters on Thread, and less here. I just wasn't feeling sympathy for Ted, and if it wasn't for her sister, I wouldn't have even cared about our main character. 

The modelling industry is brutal. And hard, and creepy and basically it's shit. I love how the author didn't sugarcoat it and I admired her honestly about the competitive industry. MY GOSH I WOULD HATE IT. I suggest every budding model out there should read this book to really get a taste of what they're getting into. Before it's too late. Also, to every person who thinks that models just sit there and be pretty. Read this book before you make stupid assumptions.

The writing was just umm..ok. It was nothing special, I think what it achieved to do was me zoning out, and becoming uninterested. I didn't really know why I continued reading. 


  1. Shame you didn't love The Look - I personally adored it. I actually preferred it to her Threads series and I liked the writing!

    Fab, honest review, Jana and I hope you're having a lovely summer <3

    1. Thank you Beverley! All in all I did enjoyed reading it! I hope you're having an awesome summer too! <3

      Jana xx


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