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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Showcase Sunday (3)

I'm back! I missed doing Showcase Sunday, and now that everything is over (school and prom!), I can now fully concentrated on reading and blogging! Yay!  I will be participating in this meme hosted by the lovely Vicky at Books, Biscuits, and Tea every Sunday to basically show the books that we got during the week! :D 

NOTE: I've given up on posting pictures on Blogger. It seems like two pictures is enough for the preview to not load. And I've given up. So no more pictures until a miracle happens. 
Bought (12) 
: Slated by Teri Terry 
: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers :Review coming soon - did not like: 
: Something Like Normal by Trish Doller :Already read an ARC but loved it so much so bought physical copy:
: The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst :Very hot and sweet. Steamy!:
: Dulac Fairytale Illustrations :I'm so into fairytales and all that, and ohmygosh the illustrations in this is just phenomenal:
: A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young
: North of Need by Laura Kaye :Review coming soon - love:
: Black Dagger Brotherhood (1-3) :Review coming soon for books 1,2,3:
: For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund 
: White Walls by Lauren Hammond :Review coming soon:

For Review (07)
: Dreamless by Josephine Angelini :review coming soon - thank you to PanMacmillan:
: Revamped by Ada Adams :review coming soon - thank you to Ada Adams :):
: Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry :review coming soon, from netgalley: 
: League of Strays by  L.B Schulman
: A Night in Southern Comfort by Robin Covington :for blog tour review, thank you to Entangled Publishing:

: Deity by Jennifer L. Armentrout  :I pretty much about died. Too much hotness and greatness and just ARGH.... review coming nearer to release date, thanks x100 to Spencer Hill Press and editor Kate Kaynak:
: Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout  : Umm did I mention it's by Jennifer L. Armentrout? Uh yeah my favourite author of all time? I'm reading this straight after Deity so review will be nearer to release date (Sept) and thank you so much to Spencer Hill Press:

Swag Sets (03) 
: Jennifer L. Armentrout *signed* swag - Lux series, Covenant series, Cursed :from Obsidian pre-order swag giveaway, thanks Jennifer!: 
I got: 
2 Onyx signed bookmarks
2 Obsidian signed bookmarks
1 Deity signed bookmark
1 Cursed signed bookmark
2 Daimon signed bookmarks
3 Half-Blood foreign edition cover bookmakrs
2 Daemon and Katy stickers
2 Half-Blood guitar picks
1 Deity Island thingy

: The Dark Light *signed* swag by Sara Walsh :thank you to author Sara Walsh for this, this is for the giveaway.
I got: 
10 The Dark Light signed bookmarks
5 The Dark Light stickers
5 The Dark Light/Sara Walsh wristband
1 The Dark Light signed cover poster - which I'm keeping for myself lol

: ReVamped *signed* swag by Ada Adams :thank you to Ada Adams:
I got these along with the ReVamped print copy book personalized to me! :) :
22 ReVamped signed stickers
2 ReVamped signed bookmarks 
: Various bookmarks and stickers from Spencer Hill Press publishing :thank you to publisher for putting this inside my ARCs of Deity and Cursed!: 
I got these along with my ARCs of Deity and Cursed :) :
1 Minder by Kate Kaynak bookmark
1 Perfection by J.L. Spelbring bookmark
1 Amarok by Angela J. Townsend bookmark
1 Cursed by Jennifer L. Armentrout sticker
1 PODs by Michelle Pickett sticker
1 Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway sticker
~ So, that's it for me this week, guys! Comment on this post with your book haul linky and I'll check them out :) ~ 

Note: I pretty much about died when Deity and Cursed arrived. I WAS LIKE SHAKING LIKE AN IDIOT. If you guys haven't read the Covenant series (Half-Blood, Pure, Deity) - what are you doing here? Go buy them NOW! Trust me.  

Thank you so so much to publisher Spencer Hill Press. You just made my life.


  1. I'm almost done reading pushing the limits and I love it! I though grave mercy was ok and I got a want so wicked to! :)

  2. Yay for Deity & Cursed--I got those too. And I love BDB. LOVED Pushing the Limits. And I've heard Grave Mercy is great. I hope you enjoy them all.

  3. WOW. *Everyone has awesome hauls!*

    Okay, I haven't read the Covenant series or any other book by JLA yet *hides in a corner* But so many people have been going gaga over it, so I guess I'll start with Obsidian?

    Spencer Hill Press is really a sweetheart for sending you so many goodies! Have fun reading!

    Here's my haul, happy Sunday ;)

    1. OMG Sel! You have to read ALL books by JLA! She's my all-time favourite author and all her books are just awesome! Yeah, I suggest you start with Obsidian. Then go with the Covenant series!

      And thanks! Happy Sunday to you too! :)

  4. Awesome, so many good books and swag. I loved Grave mercy, it was really good. Enjoy all your loot!

  5. Wow what an awesome haul!! You got so many so many fantastic things! I hope you enjoy them all, I loved ReVamped myself! New follower! :)

    My SS post: http://fictionfascination.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/showcase-sunday-7.html

    Carly :)

    1. Thank you for following, Carly! Yeah, ReVamped was a very enjoyable read! :)

  6. Wow that was an awesome haul!

    I've been thinking about the covenant series actually, I'm trying to decide whether to get it or not.

    The Jennifer L. Armentrout swag sounds freaking awesome! I just received her Obsidian book and have already pre-ordered Onyx, I'm looking at her other books too!

    My SS

    1. Oh you REALLY should start the Covenant series! The first book isn't THAT amazing, but 2nd book (Pure) and 3rd (Deity) is just WHOA. Probably my 2nd favourite series of all time, behind Obsidian of course :)

  7. Slated, Grave Mercy (what a shame you didn't like it!), For darkness shows the stars, Cursed and all the swag. Great haul! :D


  8. Woah! What a great haul this week! I didn't enjoy Grave Mercy either, so I was surprised about the huge hype it received. Nevertheless, I am excited to see what you think of Pushing the Limits and For Darkness Shows the Stars. Happy Reading! :D

    Ivy Book Bindings

    1. Pushing the Limits was amazing I thought! I didn't really enjoy For Darkness Shows the Stars though :(

      Yeah, I didn't get the hype for Grave Mercy either!

  9. I'm so sad you didn't enjoy Grave mercy, I still need to read it. I thought it sounded really good!

    Letterbox Love!

    1. Yeah, it did sounded really good and I thought I was going to enjoy it but I didn't :(

  10. Umm, this is probably one of the most epic hauls ever! Soo many amazing books I wanna read!
    Happy reading!:))

    My STS

  11. Wow! So many good books this week luv! :D I hope you enjoy For Darkness Shows the Stars, Dreamless, and Grave Mercy, those were some good books! And Sooooo jealous of your JLA haul this week. Cursed, Deity, ANNDDD swag!!!??!! Lucky! >.<! ;D haha, Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy hun! :D



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